Interested in Joining?
f you are an undergraduate student at Penn State interested in joining the EPL, please complete the Research Assistant Application and send it via email to Dr. Danielle Downs at If you are a potential graduate student interested in applying to the masters or doctoral program, please visit our graduate information on the Department of Kinesiology website at: and contact Dr. Downs at

Current members:

Danielle Symons Downs, Ph.D., Assistant Professor of Kinesiology and Obstetrics & Gynecology, research interests: examining the motivational determinants of exercise among women and children, application of the Theory of Planned Behavior to exercise, and lifestyle interventions for women (preconceptional, pregnant, gestational diabetes).

Jennifer DiNallo, M.A., Third year doctoral student in Kinesiology, research interests: examining the determinants of physical activity behavior in children at risk for overweight and diabetes, with a focus on family-based physical activity interventions.


Suzanne Madden, B.S., Second year master’s student in Nursing, research interests: examining the effects of prevention programs on the incidence of Type II diabetes in at risk populations.

Tiffany Kirner, Senior in Biology, research interests: pregnancy, social support, depression; planning to attend osteopathic medical school in Fall 2007 with a specialization in obstetrics.


Melissa Dibble, Senior in Kinesiology, research interests: physical activity recall, exercise beliefs of pregnant women; planning to attend physician assistant graduate school in Fall 2007.

Pete Kadushin
, Junior in Psychology, Honor’s in Kinesiology, research interests: cognition and physical activity during pregnancy and exercise dependence; planning to attend graduate school in Sport/Exercise Psychology.

Brianne Miller, B.A., EPL Research Assistant, research interests: examining beliefs and attitudes about physical activity in postpartum women with prior gestational diabetes; planning to attend OT school in Summer 2007.

Erin Glasgow, Junior in Kinesiology, research interests: exercise interventions for pregnant women; planning to become a personal trainer and attending graduate school for coaching in strength and conditioning.

Tiffany Bryant, Junior in Kinesiology, research interests: depression and exercise during pregnancy; planning to attend PT school in Summer 2008.

Ashley Fritz, Junior in Kinesiology; research interests: physical activity and youth, exercise interventions for pregnant women; planning to attend graduate school in Fall 2008.


Matthew Wright, Senior in Kinesiology; research interests: objective assessment of physical activity; physical activity interventions.


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