Sexy in School

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This is Stacy Schuler. 

She look pretty normal right? Just like a regular person?.....WRONG.  Stacy Schuler, 33, is NOT a normal person!  She is a teacher at an Ohio high school and allegedly had sex with some players on the high school foot ball team!!!  She was taken to trial (obviously...), claimed insanity as her defense, and was found guilty on Thursday!  Her sentence of four years in prison was for 16 felony counts of sexual battery and three misdemeanor counts of providing alcohol to minors.  She resigned from her post as a health and physical education teacher at her high school last February.  Attorneys for Schuler have argued that the alleged sexual encounters may never have happened, considering Schuler has no memory of them.  Yeah I bet she lost her memory...Yet, two young men testified at her trial and remembered her greeting them at the door, her flirting, her massaging them with oil, and then them continuing their "rendezvous" in either the bathroom or the bedroom.  A former student of Schuler's testified on Tuesday that Stacy feared for her job after something had happened with some students.  She also said that, "if anyone ever found out she already had her defense planned out and that she'd try to say that she was insane."  But Schuler never even testified on her own behalf.  Apparently a forensic psychologist said that Schuler met the standards for being insane and was under severe mental illness when she had sexual encounters with those boys, but I personally do not believe it.  She just could not keep her hands off the young, buff, jock guys of high school and was clearly trying to relive those days.  Well Stacy...GET A LIFE! Your 33 years old.  Go find a man your own age.  Look at the bright side...he may be waiting for you in prison!

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I would not expect those sorts of accusations from a woman who presents herself like this! I know that stereotypes and profiling is not always a good thing, but she does not fit the look of as sexual offender. As for her reputation, her best interest may be to move states and start with a clean slate.

I realize this is really bad and everything, but it amazes be how maybe 14 years difference can consitute sexual offence when the kid is in high school but once out, and older, for some people it can be totally normal. Strange.

hahaha i just want to comment on the last line you wrote - it made me laugh out loud

That is really messed up!I am sure she is so insane! I really like your last line!

Ewww that's pathetic. Glad she doesn't work there anymore, that is completely inappropriate!

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