Sarah Kessler explains how TED has created a new online tool that turns any YouTube video into a lesson.

Diigo in Education

If you aren't familiar with Diigo, take a look at this article by By Tyler Manolovitz, Digital Resources Coordinator, Sam Houston State University ( 

And you might be interested in Diigo in Education (, a great resource for the latest classroom technology information.

Use those phones in your class - Poll Everywhere

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You can use Poll Everywhere to get feedback from your students.  Poll Everywhere is a Text Message (SMS) Polling and Voting System - otherwise known as an Audience Response System.  No need for clickers when students can use their phones.  Check out 

Inovations in Teaching and Learning

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Links to the resources presented during the ITL Symposium on April 3 can be found at .

April Faculty Development Opportunities

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A schedule of faculty development opportunities for April is available online at .
Our 5th annual PSLV Symposium on Innovations in Teaching & Learning will be held on Tuesday, April 3 from noon to 1:30p.m.  Information and registration are available at:


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TED now provides a curated collection of TED Talks for students, educators and life-long learners.  They have created courses on a variety of topics that include talks by some of the world's most extraordinary minds.

PSULV Innovations in Teaching and Learning

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Save the Date!!! 

April 3, 2012   12:15 to 1:30pm

5th Annual Penn State Lehigh Valley

Innovations in Teaching and Learning Faculty Symposium


We are still working on the schedule. If you might be willing to very briefly (no more than 10 minutes) share a non-traditional teaching method that you've used or plan to try, please contact Dean Shaffer. - Easily covert .wma files for use in Macs

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Windows Media Audio files are created when recording audio with the the built-in Windows recorder on a PC, as well as with various handheld digital recorders, i.e. Olympus recorders.  Though I do not often encounter students who arrive in the Media Commons with .wma files ready to add in media projects, they are a puzzle when they do sneak in. Today I discovered an extremely easy solution -  With online converter, we were "off to work we go" in lightning speed.

The web application's simple interface initially displays two buttons, browse and upload.  After selecting the nasty .wma file and initiating the upload, a new set of options display - file type and quality.  Two clicks sets these output preferences, and a third sends the file to convert.  Before I questioned how long I must wait, a download prompt appeared!

This is by-far the easiest file conversion I have come across - a definite "keeper" in my digital  toolbox.  The added enticement to bookmark this app is the variety of supported audio file formats.  My hope is that this Web 2.0 app remains free for a good while.  Check it out!

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