David R. Stong,
 Apt. 302
 220½ West High St.
 Bellefonte, PA 16823

Forget resumes

Really. Try it. Resumes are collections of half truths engineered to make people look better than they really are. Often, they're professionally done for people who use them regularly.

My capabilities as an illustrator, media developer, or digital graphic technician are evidenced by work on these pages: work done for specific groups at specific times under a wide variety of circumstances. The work by implication addresses my experience and professionalism. Different from any sort of folio that aims to present someone in their best light, my pages aim to present an average of what I do on a regular basis.

Also linked from these pages are two blogs covering the past several years. They show my ability to communicate—good or bad—and give a clear insight into my character. Read resumes if you like; but I'll stake my own future on the open picture of me that these pages help create.

Looking through this work may be a bit strenuous at a time when you're already over-taxed. It will give you an honest picture of who I am and what I've done, as well as clear insight into what I might do for you. No tricks, no manipulation: our time is too valuable. If it looks like I could help your group, get in touch. I can promise you nothing less than what you see here, and hopefully something more.

The design brief; first things first.

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