istudy 14


That's my fourteenth, but the official designation is "Source Evaluation" from iStudy #7

iStudy cartoon strip. iStudy cartoon strip iStudy cartoon strip iStudy cartoon strip iStudy cartoon strip iStudy cartoon strip


Love the Knowledge Commons shots - especially the walk down the hall to it.

Another wonderfully detailed production. Some very interesting extras... a few looked a bit familiar, or is that my eyes playing tricks on me? Glad to see the squirrels still at it.

After all this time I guess I should point out that this being my last strip there are several walk-ons: Cole, Allen, and John, as well as a male character that existed only in initial sketches- I thought Sage was a male's name - and a woman in a rain coat who only appeared in one strip. Also in non-speaking roles are Heather and her friend as well as Lori. The squirrels, alas, couldn't get in through the library security.

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March 27, symposium 2010.
Me with a camera.

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