Lexan plaque.

A messenger handed me this the other day. I was surprised; no one had discussed it with me. I contacted the folks in charge and said that I was embarrassed to work for leaders who think I respond to baubles. I would have instructed everyone to disregard such nonsense, but I didn't have that chance. Perhaps in the future they might alert people to what's going on ahead of time? I'd have been humiliated to get this in front of our large group.

They were concerned that I had feelings of embarrassment and humiliation and advised me to discuss the feelings with an HR rep. He went on, "The physical gesture of the plaque aside in this case, the old phrase 'it's the thought that counts' comes to mind…"

Funny. "It's the thought that counts" was pretty much my point, too. Several years ago a supervisor asked me how I thought we could show appreciation. I replied that I thought we should start by appreciating what people do; the 'showing' part would take care of its self.

To the plaque givers I suggested that, 'physical gestures aside', if anyone wanted to hear what I would consider to be a sincere appreciation, I'd be willing to talk with them.


Dave, I'd be interested in hearing what you would consider to be sincere appreciation.

Thanks Cole. Instead of a long comment, I'll add a post.

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