first pass

Getting used to my home studio and experimenting with several things. My eye line is off. The pen is fatter. Sometimes the machine doesn't wake up. Sometimes I don't. But it all works.

This is a first pass over the top half of an image I'm working on. It's a new technique for me- one that I think has promise. The primary shapes are all vector objects, and textures and values are added in clipped layers of pixels. It feels very clean, and I think it would work for children's book illustration.

This particular image, though, I'm thinking of as a web thing: if it loads as a collection of horizontal slicess, a tall image won't get scaled by the browser and viewers get to start at the top and scroll down. Imagine a book with a large horizontal image that gets revealed as pages turn. It could be fun.

The bell tower of old main.
Penn State
Creative commons license.

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March 27, symposium 2010.
Me with a camera.

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