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The custom shape drop down menu in Photoshop. While I'm posting links to stuff for others to use, I should also put my custom shapes back up. I took them off of my download page after I saw that University Relations had altered the proportions of the reverse mark to make it more consistent with other web marks.

No need to rehash that, but you can always go back and look. I adjusted the reverse mark's proportions in this new set of Photoshop Custom Shapes. Grab it. You can always find out about Custom Shapes from lynda dot com, but I have a pretty old clip that shows how to install and use them on my Tutorials page. The only caveat I can think of is that the file name has changed to

…and there are two Marks. I keep forgetting to mention that. The main difference is in the tail of each '5' in the date. The "detailed" version has fives that come to a sharp point. That's good for large images or high res images. On smaller web marks, the sharp point turns to fuzz; the other mark has rounder tails on each 5. You may not even see a difference. When I create my actions, I use the rounder version.


This is a great collection for those of us at Penn State. I should point out Turnitin logo is out of date though.

Oh yuk. And it's ugly too. Thanks Elizabeth. I'll fix it momentarily. The available resources now at the turnemin site appear to be all JPEGs. Maybe a shape that's able to create vector information would be of some use.

The Shapes have been updated to include the new turnitin logo in place of the old one. It is a two toned logo, now- in the shape, there's a break between the arrow and the page toallow for color change if desired. Calling out the "it" with a new color should be simple enough.

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