this time with my own files

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Same thing as the last post. Clicking the right side advances, clicking the left goes back. For this, I tried dropping in panels from the iStudy experiment that Tara Caimi and I developed. It seems to work well enough for the time involved- I already had everything. Obviously I would need to spend more time designing the layout. The difference here is that I can post these files so that anyone can download them and see what's going on.

Everything is in this zip archive. Right now, the left hand navigation, which is exactly like that in the marvel knock-off, is failing. It might be a cache problem, it might be a software bug. I'll start fresh, with new code, tomorrow.

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I like it. You're right, it does feel close to animation. It gives you the opportunity to play with movement, focus, and framing in a different way like in the example above where the change between speakers blurs opposing layers (much like a listener's eyes would focus on the person speaking). It's a cool device.

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Good Grief, Then why didn't ANYONE ever want to do it? Or any thing else I presented?

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