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Last week Design Taxi had an image collection from an Artist [who] Adds Color to Iconic Black and White Photos. Colorizing has come a long way since the early days of Turner's Ruined Film Classics. I don't necessarily recommend doing it, but there are times when the technique is useful. Sanna Dullaway turned it into a business, and it's worth looking at the work.

The Library of Congress has quite a few photos of Lincoln, so I grabbed a copy of the same one Dullaway used and tried it myself. I thought that a stylin' guy like Abe couldn't have done better in the middle of the Civil War than to show some patriotic zeal.

If you try it yourself, keep the color on separate layers, and set them each to the Color blend mode. If you use a separate layer for each color, you can fine tune the effect of each with the Hue Saturation dialog box. It's pretty easy…

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