iStudy interlude



Dave, this was brilliant. Loved every frame of it. Did you pull it off by yourself?

And here I thought you'd never step foot in the cafe ;-)

Thanks! It was easy- just set up the camera and let it run. We had to meet in the cafe- the squirrel was just uncontrollable in my cubicle.

I love this! Brilliant - thanks for sharing it. I like the longboard reference. ;-)

I must admit to having the unfair targeting of your hubby's green transportation choice in my mind as Brian spoke...

Scott McCloud would be very, very proud.

Thanks Elizabeth. As long as he isn't ticked over the NMR thing...

Nice work, Dave. That's one way to get me to read blogs - make them more like a comic book so they speak on my level. Now could you do that for NMR stuff so I can understand that too?

Although I had a peak before it was finished, it's still stunning!

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