complete toon

Toon sketch in the HUB. Toon sketch in the HUB. Toon sketch in the HUB.

Checking legibility. It isn't too readable squished into the blog, but at the 800 pixel width, it seems pretty clear.

At first, I liked the heavier condensed font in the strip's second half- but now, after compression and scaling, I think the lighter font (first half) is more legible.


Dave, just wanted to say I have loved watching this come to life here!

Thanks. I'll probably start the next ones in this space too. Maybe do color versions on Sundays...

Hi Dave,

I really like how these are rendered, especially depth of field. Nice message and also I agree w/ your font conclusion. Looking forward to more.. whether they be b/w or color.

Thanks. I'm hoping I can keep it consistent. Maybe it will turn out to be a good example of comics in education?

Hey Dave. My eyes are pretty good and I find it more difficult to make out the words in the second half. I like how I can click on each panel and see a blown-up version -- but even in that mode, I prefer the thinner font better.

Are you looking for feedback on other aspects? For example, the female friend and the mom look nearly identical (sandals, jeans, sleeveless shirts, parted hair). It's not clear whether they are supposed to be two people or not.

Yep, feedback is appreciated and accepted on anything. We're going with the thinner font (comic sans. Go figure.)

I hadn't noticed the difficulty with the two women- maybe I'll give the mom different hair. She's only a minor walk on, but I wouldn't want people confused.

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