please excuse my quick flash cs4 rant…

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First, I opened Photoshop CS4 and it took me a half hour to make it look and act like my work space again. Now, I've discovered that Flash is far worse, and far from repairable. Apart from new docs opening in tabs, which I may be able to adjust, there's the horrible, poorly conceived neutral gray hospital work tray that everything sits in. The stage and timeline "dock" in a tray. The tray doesn't go away. Ever. If you open another application, the Flash tray is there—catching crumbs. I've accidently pulled the stage off of the tray, which is a pain having TWO trays laying about. The big, big problem is that every time I've used Flash CS4, I've closed a document and inadvertently quit the application.

Flash interface on-off switch. Quit the G.D. application.

Adobe, good god what are you thinking? Important note to self- keyboard shortcut command-H will hide the application. Get used to it. No matter how much you want to click the little red "Close Document" button at the top of the "document", remember it isn't a document—it's the G.D. application. Your document only has a "tab." And under Preferences, you can turn off "Open test movie in tabs" but baby, that's it.

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UGh.. this has been driving me crazy!!!! Why would they POSSIBLY want to have it function like that?

There has to be a hack to make it stop doing that. Can't seem to find one though.

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