PSD CS4 first shot


Tabs, docked panels, spring loaded panel sets—yuck. Hate 'em all. And Application Frames? That's why I hate Photoshop on Windows. Who works that way? I don't use browser tabs, I don't use tabs in BBEdit. When I work, I work between open images in different apps. I have all my tools on a separate monitor, all open, all the time. I can grab a crescent wrench with my eyes closed.

When I saw the Deke films on showing the new Adobe interface I was horrified. When Deke actually liked the Application Frame on a Mac, my world just about ended. I've dreaded it; but since the new CS4 suite would cripple the dinosaur I'm on, I haven't experimented. Till now.

I realized that the modbook runs Mac OS10.5 on a 2.4 GHz Intel Core 2 Duo and could do a credible job of running the app. This weekend I downloaded Photoshop and Flash CS4 trials to the modbook. The Modbook is painfully tiny, and will give me ample reason to learn the new gui. Not that I really want to, but it might be a necessity.

When I first went digital, I preferred using Fractal Design's Painter. Painter and Photoshop we're both in version 3 at the time and I thought Painter was amazing compared to the ugly, brittle Photoshop. Everyone else, however, used Photoshop. My job included troubleshooting software problems for everyone else so I chose to focus on the dominant player.

Still seems like a good plan. I'm sure I'll post more after some exploration.

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