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Turn any camera into a digital camera.

Maybe if I had a machine shop instead of Photoshop…


Brett Bixler said:

Reminds me of the 8-track to cassette converters! I guess if I had an expensive, pre-digital camera I loved, this might make sense.

Brad said:

This is brilliant! I have never considered this before. Some googling reveals that there were attempts to bring something like this to market from 98 to 2003. I guess it never caught on. I could think of a few complications where the insert would have to interact in the camera in ways the camera was not designed for. Like the insert knowing when the shutter was open.

dave said:

Thanks! I was thinking that once the insert was activated and awake, the diopters would detect when light was admitted and stopped. That would equal a picture. You'd have to buy separate inserts for different ISOs- maybe one for 160 another for 400 and so on. I'm thinking they could be fairly cheap since they don't need advanced optics. Digital film rather than digital camera.

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