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Litter covering the sidewalk.

Every Sunday. If we can all be eleven athletes, we have to be the jerks that do this, too.


Cole said:

After the game I could hear all the yelling from my house (2 miles from where this picture was taken) ... woke up this morning so disappointed that our students decided a riot was the way to celebrate winning. They don't deserve to be a part of something so special if that is how they are going to act. Just flat out disappointed.

Lis Boyer said:

I am often disappointed with how our students respond to visiting teams and winning games. If I was from another school I would not want to come to State College to cheer on my team. I have seen PSU fans screaming at Michigan fans, hurling insults like you wouldn't believe and the Michigan fans just stood there looking they were thinking, "What insecure a-holes these guys are ...."

Bennett Ulmer said:

As upset as this makes me, I have to think that the response of Penn State students following the game is part of a larger problem.

Sadly, rioting in the street, burning couches and tearing down street signs has become commonplace following big wins (or Halloween parties, Arts Festivals, etc.) from State College to Columbus, College Station, and Morgantown.

dave said:

The newspaper across the sidewalk has been a regular Sunday morning decoration after these past few home games. I posted the photo before I saw the news about the riot. Real disappointing stuff. Makes it hard to find the joy in the win.

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