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it sounds
reasonable, and
very much like a
good development
Brad posted an interesting post titled tags as cms interface . He ends with several questions that I tried to answer by commenting, had a bad case of spinning lozenges followed by several crashes, then realized my answer might be, after all, better stated here. At least I can save before the crash.

If what we will do to change a banner image is upload an image using the "Blogs at Penn State Image Upload Thingy" and tag it "@banner" it sounds reasonable, and very much like a good development direction.

After giving it an initial attempt, I have some questions, too. First I tried "Tools>Import" which made sense, but I couldn't find a spot to add a tag. Then I realized the image was an "Asset" so I went to "Manage>Assets" and didn't have any assets to manage. I remembered Brad linked back to Erin's directions, so I went to those for initial help. Since the page I bookmark to get to my blog is actually the "Manage Entries" page, it took me a bit to find the Dashboard. Once there I couldn't see "Upload File" under the Create tab- only "user" and "Blog". I realized I needed to go to an individual blog (I have three...) which has its own "Dashboard". I "Uploaded" and I clearly saw the spot to add a tag.

So not only is it possible, it could be an improvement.

I am not a technology insider. To me this entire process is still cryptic at best. Possibly we could find a few average students who will let us give them blogs and pay them to help us investigate, then watch what they do. Ask them to work on them in our "lab" but not on their own time. I bet we'll be surprised what the skill-comfort level really is. Possibly we could petition the McNair Scholars for input?

So… is this too much for most students to "grok"? I say yes.


Brad said:

I hear you about the difficulty of this.

Although it sounds like that uploading a file was the difficult part, not the tagging. Does this support the idea of using tags versus building some kind of GUI interface for this, whose use might be more obscure?

reminds me of a article I read probably close to 8 years ago about how a computer literacy teacher ditched the GUI and started teaching adults to use a computer with a linux command-line interface, and they felt much more comfortable, and ultimately had a higher rate of success in carrying out basic tasks.

dave said:

The tag idea is pretty cool. The default template should have your code in it. Possibly snips for "@background", "@psuMark", and other common things as well.

For me, yes, uploading was the difficult part. I have a complete lack of familiarity there. I'd try that linux thing as long as there was a window where I could draw little pictures. I bet a lot of others, though, would switch to a non-gui if they weren't intimidated by the unix-linux aura.

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