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Rec Hall flood.Yesterday I came in early and decided it would be a good morning to grab a shot of the lionshrine in the dark. I grabbed the camera and walked back up to the shrine, took two pictures and ran out of juice. Having done this before, I had grabbed a second battery. I put the "fresh" battery in the camera, took two more pictures and ran out of juice again.

"Aww golly," I thought to myself.

I came back down to Rider, grabbed a third battery, went back to the shrine and still beat the sun. After all the hiking about, I thought I'd post the image here. I'm still knocking about with it...


Kim said:

That is a really great image of the lion. As many photos as I have seen of it this one, even minus the reflection, seems new. Would make a great poster background too.

I vote to order some new batteries, mark them and ditch the ones that don't seem to hold a charge.

dave said:

Thanks. I second the vote for new batteries. Your use of the silver sharpie to label the good ones is a big help. The newest battery actually holds its charge.

Something as minor as this can really be a show stopper for me. All the way to work I shot and re-shot the scene in my minds eye, working out details. When the battery failed in the middle of execution, I couldn't recover and get back in the flow. Ah well.

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