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Penny installation.This is a photograph of Euro pennies arranged in this beautiful installation in an Amsterdam courtyard by Stefan Sagmeister and friends. To get some idea of the scale, those spots in the lower left are people. The photo is from the flickr photostream of a young man named anjens who snapped a number of great shots from an apartment above the installation. Visit his site if you have a moment.

I enjoy most of what Sagmeister does. He's got a video on the TED site that serves as a great intro. Interesting guy. Interesting work. This installation, which says, "Obsessions make my life worse and my work better" with floral filagree in shimmering little euro pennies, is beautiful. Or was beautiful. One would expect that something made out of money, even something beautiful made out of pocket coins, would slowly erode as people pilfer. My guess is that would be part of the installation: seeing how long it lasted, how quickly it deteriorated as its beauty diminished. Would there be a point where it actually stopped being beautiful? Could everyday passers-by see the value in the "art" as being worth more than the coins?

Some people did pilfer a few coins. Only pennies, they're probably valuable as souvenirs. A resident called the police with concern that folks might take the coins and destroy the piece. The police arrived on the scene and swept up the coins, whisking the courtyard clean.

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