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I have information all over the place. I'm sure the problem is common. I just ran across some information and I know I wrote about it somewhere…
Did I post to the TLT blog?
Did I send it as a recent email or is it warehoused in an old Eudora folder?
Did I back it up on a disk?
Did I post it to an older personal blog?
Did I post it to a current blog?
Was it in a comment in a colleagues blog?
Was it a response to a listserv? or a forum?
Is it lost as a response in the defunct Bootcamp?
or the defunct webmaster's forum?
Did I just post a link to twitter? Surely I haven't said anything worth finding on yammer…
Is it a browser bookmark?
Did I clip something to Evernote?
Did I post a link and comment to delicious?
Was it an image and comment on flickr?
Could I have just said something in the hall?


Well, it's out there somewhere... That smart thing I said.


Mary said:

You mean I'm not the only one who has this experience? And sometimes it's that I thought about how I was *going* to say/write something, but then I didn't.

Cole said:

It is getting harder to manage it all. I am trying to either consolidate or use a service for different kinds of communications ... certainly all based on my own internal schema. I have been finding myself wondering if I said, wrote, or just thought something recently. Good to see it isn't only me ... not that it makes you feel any better.

lisa said:

HAHAHAHAHAHA!!! nuf said.

(now where exactly am i commenting on this--in the tlt blog site, or in dave's personal blog space....

similar to cole and mary, i used to just wonder if i thought, emailed, or talked to someone about something. now it's that plus was it psumailed, gmailed, angelmailed, googledoc'd, officedoc'd, twittered, facebookdoingnow'd, myspacedoingnow'd, itsblogged, tltblogged, psublogged, bloggerblogged, psuwiki'd, yahooim'd, aolim'd, txted...

and lately i've been having a lot of dreams about work...so add that one. and i've been thinking of carrying around a recording device so i can capture ideas...hey, i better check if my iphone can do that.

Brett Bixler said:

We should have a brownbag on this topic! Share strategies, make the technologies work FOR us, not against us. I personally don't suffer from this... :)

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