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The sketchbook application.For me, one of the major take–homes from the DOEL conference is my anticipation for a new account in sketchbook.

Julia Gaimster, London College of Fashion, presented this online social networking tool that allows students to create visual journals and portfolios, participate in critiques, collaborate on projects, and access an integrated online drawing tool. It was developed within the Drupal platform and uses Flash to create the drawing tool. I look forward to seeing if a Flash drawing tool can keep pace with a Modbook.

To “e” or not to “e”:
To paraphrase a great conference orator: It's only “e”(blank) if you were born before technology. Can we drop it from eLearning? and ePortfolio? Please?

Ms. Gaimster asked attendees to create accounts in sketchbook and contribute feedback. I have the account and will post feedback, but for now I can only encourage my colleagues to try it, too. More than anything else, I'm drawn to the apparent ease with which a portfolio gallery page can be created. That easy capability seems missing (so far) in the Penn State portfolio solution, though I just started investigating the potential there as well.

I enjoyed Ms. Gaimster's presentation as I enjoyed most of the conference. I felt like a participant, not an outsider. Phrases like, "the visual channel is a valid channel for enquiry[sic], analysis and evaluation and should have greater acceptability within the Academy…" seem so welcome, but so foreign. And everybody talked like that.


dave said:

My first task was to log in and upload a few images into my space. Any image that was larger than 700px in any dimension was downsized.

My next task is to find and read the instructions.

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