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Our country is at war and facing economic melt-down, and that was the presidential debate? Come on, really… who's running? Neither of those guys, I hope.

As I approach retirement age and will no longer be able to take up arms and live in the hills, I fear for this world of ours. May my daughter be strong.


dave said:

Just a bit more; edits that I can't add without re-pinging the network:
Maybe I'm desensitized by emotion packed movies. Maybe I'm spoiled by condensed sound bites. Maybe in an earlier time, an audience used to the slow thoughtful reading of the news might have found something inspiring. Maybe. But I won't make excuses. I saw nothing inspiring in McCain, Obama, or Lehrer.

If it was a movie, I'd send the script back for a rewrite. As it is, it's an interview for the most powerful job we have, and I wouldn't call anyone back for a second interview. But we have no choice. These are our applicants. Hopefully, coming debates will uncover some potential.

(To my colleagues- I removed the line about twitter because to my ear, my post sounded like I was complaining about the debate on twitter. Far from it- debate requires discussion. I'm complaining about the apparant quality of our candidates.)
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