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Theistic creationism.I've posted before about the cartoons in the BiSci course. After I completed the eleven that were included in the Flash piece on the creation of the universe and evolution of life, we started a unit on "creationism".

The unit touches on other theories of creation that differ from the Darwinian view. I drew a series of nine cartoons illustrating the theories that would be covered. The three posted here are representations of Theistic Creationism, Intelligent Design, and one of the many fringe views- number three, the Raelian view. Intelligent design. I tried to make them understandable at this small size, but they do enlarge if you click them. I'm not sure that we'll do that in the lessons.

My job was to first understand the theories, then come up with a lighthearted illustration that didn't offend folks that may hold the particular beliefs. Very simply put, Theistic Creationism, the first of these three, holds that God created evolution and takes an active role in the ongoing process. Intelligent Design goes a bit farther in explaining the science in God's work. Raelians on an early Earth.The final cartoon shows aliens, often mistaken for gods, visiting an early Earth where they intentionally or accidentally brought about the beginnings of life.

So now I have twenty cartoons on the same theme. I'm thinking it might make an interesting 40 page children's picture book with a cartoon on one page and short bit of witty educational text on the facing page. The text might be a problem. One of the more difficult tasks that I needed to perform was not offending people. It really goes against my natural tendencies. I'm not sure how much longer I can continue being so sweet.


kim said:

Thanks for sharing your thoughts, background details along with your cartoons for BiSci. Another awesome illustration job. I like the idea of the children's picture book. I would buy one.

dave said:

Thanks. You can read them all in a 3 meg pdf.

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