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An article called When logos look alike has been posted and cross posted on several of the blogs I try to read. It features a broad collection of logo match ups- logos that look very similar to each other. I think trends are a bigger issue: design elements adopted like gospel give an identity to a design era. I guess that when novel approaches like the 2012 Olympic logo get so widely bashed, the safety and comfort of sameness becomes the guiding light of design. Innovative becomes a descriptor for design that's the same as what we think innovative is.

Penn State swoosh.A long while back I got on the design swoosh bandwagon and came up with a "re-imagining" of the Penn State shield that I could use for unofficial purposes. I never used it; but not for the obvious reason that it was bad and inappropriate. The article about logos being the same points to my dilemma. All the work tweaking theSafeguard soap label. Bezier curves to get them just right, so they matched that image in my mind's eye... and the image in my mind's eye was from the soap my family had been using for years and years and years.

Penn State swoosh.So, now I've got this next idea- wow, is it innovative!

Penn State
April 18, Symposium 2009; reimagine.
New content. Symposium 2008.Digital Commons at Penn State. Improve the workplace; hire for variety.


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