Caterpillar becomes butterfly

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Purple earth mover.. Purple earth mover.. Purple earth mover.. Purple earth mover..Once, I'd have been embarrassed to push this thing around at the neighborhood sandbox. Now it strikes me as eye catching, boundary leaping design. Can an earth mover be described as adorable? This is the kind of heavy equipment needed to build Malibu Barbie's dream house. or Hello Kitty's London flat.


kim said:

Thanks for taking and sharing picts. It IS so adorable. I guess I should thank Komatsu too.

dave said:

After looking for a good image of it on the web, I decided to just grab the camera. After shooting and doing this post, I noticed the name "kanamoto" on the side, searched on it, and sure enough turned up the same model on flickr.

E. Pyatt said:

I saw this at Rec Hall yesterday, and it's even cuter in person. I haven't figured out the orchid-colored flames on the side though - seems to be an especially unusual combination of NASCAR and Barbie.

I am also wondering if this is a custom job and if I can get one for driving around campus (without the front attachments).

dave said:

Barbie and NASCAR! What a mash-up! It feels so natural; is there a NASCAR Barbie already?

Maybe kanamoto makes a 'Gator" that we could requisition? I'd insist on a more manly shade of violet, though.

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