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Zoom in online has a series of four short videos presenting a collaboration of illustrators and graphic designers (yes; they are different) on a project themed "Serious Play". It's fascinating stuff; eight illustration students and eight graphic design students pair up to produce an issue of Wrap Magazine and the four Designing Minds videos follow the collaboration at the Art Center College of Design in Pasadena.

All that goodness! A blog link took me to the first of four parts, and I went through the rest of the series by changing the number in the URL. I wanted to post the experience to delicious and figured it might be good to find a reasonable URL to post. I wasn't keen on posting the one I first hit: Part 1 of 4 I didn't see any other links handy, but part way down the page was a link that said, "For more episodes of Designing Minds, click here." So for the benefit of my network follower, I clicked.

Nothing happened. And nothing happened. And nothing happened some more. I continued with some other things, then got the increasingly familiar spinning lozenge, followed by iTunes opening. Designing Minds is a series. The other episodes are available on iTunes. Needless to say, I changed the "1" in the URL to a "2", then a "3" and "4" to view the piece. The interactions between the students, their explanations of thought processes, the shots of their work are all fascinating not only from an illustration/design perspective, but from a learning/design perspective, too.

I mentioned before how much I hate iTunesU. Let me take a moment to also mention how much I hate being surprised by the launch of an inefficient, standardless proprietary browser with absolutely no potential for human interaction. I really really hate that too. So, I don't have any way to say "go here" on iTunes and check this out. Or rather, I don't know the secret proprietary way to send somebody to specific content in itunes. Is there a twitter keystroke that will send someone right to it?

Please. Use YouTube. Use GoogleVideo. Use MotionBox. Just about anything else. With Pandora, you don't even need iTunes for music. Let that thing die.


Cole said:

I know this doesn't solve the issues you mention, but you can right click (or control click) on any given track or album title and "copy iTunes Store link" ... that link can be added to a webpage or stored in a place like ... again, I know that doesn't solve the other issues you reference, but it does give a direct link into the content (albeit via the iTunes client).

dave said:

Thanks! Definitely a help.

I'll have to wait for an appropriate moment to try it. I don't think I'd be comfortable sending someone something that could be viewed as a misdirection.

Cole said:

Man, I've been Rick Rolled. Nice touch, Dave.

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