Maddox photos at Downtown Theater


Screen shot of Jerry's web page. Jerrold Maddox has a must see group of photographs on display at the Waskob Gallery in the Downtown Theater. I've seen Jerry's work online, looked at a few larger versions, but this collection has a quality that blows me away. He shoots digitally with a Canon 20D and prints on Hahnemühle fine art papers with a twelve color Canon printer. If that sounds too technical, sorry. What the result is, is a group of gorgeously composed gray scale images. There's incredible detail in both highlight areas and shadow areas, no burn out, and to my unaided eye, no visible dots. There's visible range in a bank of well lit clouds and in hedgerows silhouetted against them. In fact, I would have sworn the images were developed on photo paper until I found Jerry's information sheet. Gorgeous tones, amazing textures; just beautiful stuff. Two Apple Trees caught my eye first, but the Water Tower, Barn and Fence and Route 45 at Tadpole among others became instant favorites. It was hard pulling my eyes out of them.

I can't deny that Jerry's web sites are beautiful as well, right down to his font treatments- the image here is linked to one. Look online, but then be sure to catch the full size prints. It's just a short walk and the show runs till June 30, so there's lots of opportunity- but be careful, the gallery also books lunchtime activities that you may or may not want to deal with.

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