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Old Main in scratchboard.Years ago, I did an illustration for a great designer at the Alumni Association. She wanted a picture of the campus around Old Main as a center piece for the Alumni web site, but she wanted it to look hand made. As far from "computery" as I could be. I came up with a technique in which I did a coarse line drawing, then xeroxed it onto acetate. That gave me multiple copies to play with, a resilient surface to scratch then re-ink, and the ability to lay it overtop of watercolors of different hues and tones to see how it would look. I went on to do three or four other campus scenes the same way.

Flash forward a little over a dozen years and I'm trying scratchboard again. I love scratchboard, I love the coarseness and character that I can get. And it still looks pretty far from "computery".

Tree in scratchboard. This time, of course, I'm working completely on the Modbook. I opened Flash to try sketching- the application seems to be made for rendering- and in very short order came up with this tree. If the ants weren't all over me, I'd have done more, but I don't think I would have polished it at all. The coarseness here is perfect, and I could see the set up and style being used for icons and illustrations across an entire site or an entire book.

The Modbook disappeared during this sketch. Like any good tool.

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