mac modbook 10

Some disconnected notes:

• I've discovered that the little on-screen keyboard can be scaled to any size. I like it small- it's consistently on top, I like it visible/available, and usually just leave an edge sticking out from a side of the work area. Small is just more convenient. It will come and go with pen button clicks, but I have those programmed for other things.

• The screen glass stays mysteriously clean. Through WC08 it was often in and out of a bag, held with my greasy fingers overlapping it, and otherwise abused. I didn't need to wipe it once. There's a glare proof coating on the underside and a slight roughening of the upper surface so it feels more like paper when you drag the pen across it.

• Someone asked if I could draw overtop of presentations. I can't say whether or not the modbook would make a good presentation environment; like any small laptop, I guess. I did find, install, and try Pointer from GenevaLogic. It works, but my first experience was me looking for the hidden "tool dock" that I had to approach just right to get my offset cursor to invoke it. That can be remedied with minor calibration. There was a real problem, though, when I chose a square mark that seemed to interfere with the desktop and mac system sensing my pen. I couldn't quit because the command buttons and dialogs got covered by red squares. The highlighter and pen didn't have the problem. The Pointer software may be worth a look- there's a 30 day trial.

• Since I discovered inkBook and the note taking potential of the Modbook, I realized that's probably the most sellable aspect of the thing and made it much of my focus. If you saw the notes I took at Steven Krug's 47 minute keynote, you'd understand that I'm not much of a note taker, and haven't been giving the Modbook a fair test. Others, like Roxanne for instance, will have better insight into those aspects of the Modbooks performance. I'll just note that it seems to do as well as I'd ever need and from here on I'll continue looking at its potential as a rendering toolset.

What was it that Krug said again? Buy my book?

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