mac modbook 09

Some loosely connected notes:

• For note taking, quick insertable images, and other marks, I found the Ink window and inkBook to be different. For me, the brush works better than the pencil in inkBook, but input is erratic with both: incomplete strokes, many failures to record the stroke. The Ink window is far more fluid and responsive- and if inkBook is open at the same time, I can send the note or image from the Ink window to a page in inkBook.

• After a quick search, I just found an explanation for the differences in stroke feel between Ink and inkBook: inkBook is a third party creation by Mage Software and Square fish.comes installed on the Modbook. This modbook has version 1.3.4; I can only find 1.3.3 on the web, and a 2.0 beta. The software has received some great press and has features that I knew nothing about.

I think inkBook will require some separate investigation. I never took notes in school, but include here my notes from the Steve Krug talk at WC08.

• At the conference I have a number of things running and have noticed sporadic failure of the keyboard. I look directly at the keyboard while "texting" and when I check what I've typed, there are instances of three and four characters in a row that are wrong; that isn't wrong as in hitting the key nl r ' to the one I want, but like the word "next" I just typed, I get completely wrong input. Possibly pen tilt is an issue? Slow processing?

• Generally, I appreciate the keyboard always being on top and not stealing focus. I have, though, had it inadvertently right overtop of a dialog that needs my input. I thought I had shut down, and when I pulled out the Modbook again, it was still running with the keyboard overtop of two VPN warnings.

• Ink and inkBook prefs revert on their own. It's a minor annoyance, but makes demos to colleagues somewhat less than stellar. I've trailed yellow stickies several times now.

• As a late note, I really need to add that the documentation that came with the Modbook is almost useless.

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