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Photo of the Modbook desktop.A few things to follow up my last all-text post: The actual on screen keyboard for the Modbook is 4.12 inches wide. The photo gives a good sense of it. I zipped an "actual size" version of the photo if you want a closer look. Or want to try tapping it with a pencil or something. Keep in mind that you can turn the keyboard off and on as needed, or leave it out-which is what I do. Clicking on it does not make Photoshop lose focus.

Also, carrying this thing across campus in a shoulder bag, which is necessary to protect the always exposed screen, I really noticed the weight. I placed just the modbook on a scale at the market and it weighs 5.23 pounds. Not much to lift, not much to carry for short distances; but on a long hike, a backpack or wheels might help. I've heard that students complain about the weight of laptops when going to and from class. I think something would have to be developed to ease transport for field exercises with the Modbook.

Palmer interior stair case.One feature that I remember from a brief encounter with a Toshiba Tablet PC was the ability to rotate the orientation of the desk top. You can't do that with the Modbook; though for drawing, that's no inconvenience. This image was drawn at 25% of full size, and I held the laptop so it was oriented vertically. Possibly being able to click an arrow on the keyboard to rotate it 90 degrees would be appreciated by some. Again, I didn't feel inconvenienced.

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