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Screen shot of Photoshop. A friend sent me a note asking if I knew of a way to batch process a folder of images so the assorted images would be suitable for a Powerpoint presentation. The thought of typing out the process was a bit daunting. To make a screen capture of the process, I just have to swap out a monitor for a microphone and do it.

Real simple help desk stuff. Regardless of a number of problems, it seemed to turn out to be usable. All of the possible caveats aren't mentioned, all of the alternatives aren't discussed, nor is all of the potential explored. One problem; one answer. Cinéma vérité.


Cole said:

I think these would be really helpful over at the site as a series of blog posts. Also, could we put the videos on the youtube channel?

dave said:

I wonder what the possibility is of each of us including with our content the embed code that Brad discusses, with all of the content then being aggregated across company sites? We'd each still be responsible for the content- making corrections and additions as needed. Would the reverse-using youtube then aggregating from there- limit editing? Not sure.

But to your question, of course- this is Penn State's. If it represents Penn State well enough, it can be put anywhere.

Cole said:

I agree with the use of the embed code ... it speaks to an interesting thing I saw in the class I taught this past semester -- students seemed to feel a greater sense of "ownership" of their content when it started in their own blog and then was aggregated to the class site. The aggregated content tended to feel like it belonged to the class. So yes, the embed works for me.

As for the youtube, I'm happy to give you the login information for our space to place these types of media objects there. We are getting a lot more views there than we would anywhere else -- and they have the whole embed code thing wired.

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