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• Wouldn't it be great if, when we cut back to save our limited resources we weren't in danger of loosing our next year's budgetary allotment due to under spending? How about a line item that's accepted as a legitimate expenditure, that allows us to give year end saved budgetary dollars to a scholarship fund without penalizing our next year's budget? We have about enough new office chairs...

• Speaking of donations, since we can donate vacation time to needy colleagues and if we quit, we're paid for excess vacation time, why can't we donate a vacation day to the foodbank instead? Or cyclone relief. Or another scholarship fund. Penn State sends them the money they'd pay us. Without the benefits, of course.

• Instead of "Take our Daughters and Sons to Work Day" how about Send Your Kids to Work Week over the summer? Local high school kids shadow different employees for a week over the summer, getting a sense of the work, the university, and they build connections.

• Have you ever seen a corporation that advertises they hire women? How about a restaurant that says they serve blacks? It's embarrassing even writing those things. Stop talking about diversity. Stop acting out of guilt and just get on with doing what's right. "See? I didn't eat any cookies!" Indeed.

• In ten years I've never talked with anyone on any level who valued SRDPs. Penn State doesn't mandate their use and they live for a year in a drawer serving no purpose. You can give IBIS what IBIS needs without them. Or use our resources to create a valid and valued process...and get rid of SRDPs in the mean time.

• Is there a reason that we can't offer cell service instead of VOIP? I'm sure there must be, otherwise I wouldn't have this dinosaur on my desk.

• I think we should pay for coffee. I'd gladly pay more if the coffee was drinkable. Rich Coast has several types and grades of coffee. If we ask, they'll probably let us try samples so that we can pick a coffee we all like. Set up an account that we pay for directly from staff contributions.

• Volunteers are great; I love their spirit. Sometimes, however, to get things done, the best people need to be assigned. And making the assignations. Don't ask for volunteers unless the task has no stakes. This isn't summer camp.

I like this format. I'll have to do it again when the menu changes.


Jamie Oberdick said:

Great, except I recommend changing the title. Salient points should never be called "Whine list".

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