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The TLT Talk. I wondered how the modbook would work "under pressure"- like as a court reporting tool or as a visual note taker. I took the modbook to the TLT Talk hoping to generate a few images on the fly- moments captured that could illustrate a post or stand alone as editorial drawings. The modbook was okay; I didn't use it very well, though. I've already seen that lighting can have an impact on the ease and effectiveness of drawing; lighting conditions at an event are a pretty big gamble. The lights were a bit bright in 141 Computer Building, leaving my screen dark with lots of image hiding glare. I think that if I needed to rely on it, though, I could get enough information in similar situations to produce something usable. Especially if I had time for touchups after returning to my office.

Even though I would call the drawing an embarrassing failure, the experience was a good one. I don't draw in front of people, don't like being watched, and am painfully out of practice drawing from life. With a bit more personal effort improving my performance in each of these, I think I may be able to show the modbook to be a useful, portable, and powerful tool.

I'll work on the drawing from life thing. This is too embarrassing.


Cole said:

Even though you are embarrassed by it, the thumbnail sketch gives a good view of the event ... I would even say it is much more visually interesting than a photo. I'm interested in these investigations and wonder how many others would love to see this stuff. I also like the linked full size image -- I instantly recognized Bart in the drawing. It just seems like a very interesting way to capture a different feel.

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