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Pastel of apricots.Talking about drawing has always been difficult for me; I have trouble describing the process, the thoughts and sensations, what I see. With this computer image, when I had almost reached this stage in the drawing, I stepped back a bit to look. I had made a "brush" in Photoshop that let me render a stroke that looked close to my own pastel stroke. That brush was represented by a small black spot that was still sitting on one of the rendered apricots. I bent over and tried to blow it off the surface. It was easy to become lost in this process.

For this image, I took the time to create a brush and to build a background that was more satisfying than a square of light- it looks a bit like the Canson paper that I usually use. I worked at about 67 percent, which appeared to me about the same size as the linked larger version of this thumbnail. It felt very familiar. When I work in pastel, I don't really know what I look at. Mostly I look at the subject. When I look at the image, I don't focus so much on the point where my pastel is hitting the paper but at a point, well, on some imaginary plain in my minds eye. Using the computer and steering a cursor directly on screen let me do that. And satisfyingly so.

So I'm thinking, if you draw, you'll be able to do this. If you don't draw, it has immediacy and the direct access to the computer drawing tools, but the true worth (at least as I'm seeing it) may not be realized. I'd be interested in hearing other reactions. Sketch of me in a mirror. Certainly, a designer could use a modbook for layout. The size, though, is very limiting: I think the screen is 1280X800. Designers may benefit more from the Cintiq- a combination tablet-monitor from Wacom that comes in larger sizes. It also comes in a twelve inch- so conceivably you could use the twelve with a laptop and have access to a real keyboard. I have to add that a missing keyboard, in the heat of working, was easy enough to adapt to.

I also tried a pencil sketch while looking in the mirror. Sorry, I know it's scary; I see it every day. Like the apricots, this drawing completely absorbed me. I didn't even realize how heavy the modbook was becoming until I sat the thing down and tried to straighten my arm. Maybe by tomorrow.

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