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Campus tree.My first use of color was a mess. I mentioned the difficulty I had seeing the screen while sketching outside- for grayscale sketching, seeing the cursor and judging values is difficult. For judging colors, though, it's nearly impossible. I had to rely heavily on my memory of past uses of the color picker. This was done at 50% in the screen window- the size it will appear if you load the larger version. Not very satisfying, and far less so once I see the thing on my regular machine. I did manage to get a general sense of what I wanted, and for the first time separated elements with layers. I did this standing, and hurried- but that's no excuse. Just remember what I said about this stuff being a technical benchmark.

To be a valid benchmark, though, I need to try to set up otherwise ideal circumstances and see how effective my work can be relying on this Modbook. I'll go do that now...

And some unrelated observations...

• The screen is far too small. When I installed Creative Suite 3, I was given a warning dialog that said my monitor resolution was far below recommended sizes and I should upgrade before continuing with the CS3 install. I have ample real estate on my regular machine- two 19" cinemas- and I use it all. The smallness of the Modbook makes me think in terms of notecards and vest pocket sketchpads. That leads to pigeon holing the thing as a preliminary sketch tool rather than something for finished work. I'll have to experiment with the scale that I work at. Possibly zooming in and panning will be a better work flow, though I normally do that with the keyboard while drawing..

• A number of times I've found myself unable to hit the menu bar with the cursor while in Photoshop. It's possible to expand the "throw" of the cursor in the Tablet control panel available in the System Preference pane. To calibrate, imagine that the cross hair is where the cursor will be in relation to the pen tip's position when you click it: at the upper left corner, click five or so pixels below the cross hair. At the bottom right, five or so pixels above.

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