I've posted about Photosynth before. It's a technology that compiles multiple images from multiple points of view and generates one large interactive, navigable image of the entire space. Or something like that. When you have a moment, check the video at TED. They describe it as "jaw dropping". It is.

weren't these kids home mashing up video?
But this isn't about photosynth really. It's about a TV program- CSY NY . It's not one I watch, though any show that uses Baba O'reilly as its theme music is at least worth a view for the first five minutes... Last year, the detective show featured Second Life in an episode. One of the detectives (the paraplegic from Forrest Gump) created an avatar and with the guidance of his faithful geek sidekick, chased a murder suspect in world. The use of the technology in a standard show was disorienting to me, but fascinating. Like breaking the fourth wall or something. But anyway, the show was popular and a second episode was done.

I just learned that the same program recently used Photosynth to compile crime solving images from cell phone photos taken at the crime scene. According to Microsoft press releases, the software "did its own stunts." There was no retouching and effects shots- the actors used and interacted with the software live.

I haven't watched the program yet. The episode, Admissions is available online- which seems fitting and much less jarring to my personal sense of order.

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