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Composite of five itunes headers. A colleague asked if I had a small image that was created over a year ago. I needed to take a few moments to search, but using a combination of Adobe Bridge and folders in "icon view" to spark a locale based memory, it turned up. At least I think it's the right thing. What screams at me is that I need to create order out of the gigs of layered photoshop files, FLAs, MOVs, and PNGs that litter my three drives and in the process make some decisions about what may or may not ever be needed again. Often, the speed of a design solution is critical and having pre-made "parts" to select from is a big help, so I usually decide to keep even the most useless crap. And sometimes that useless crap forms telling presentation: an anthropological fragment describing a place and time.

But there's so damned much of it.

World Campus.In a well intentioned effort to create directory structure, I have items in named folders. I also have folders of desktops that form visual maps. But as I think about the real problems that present themselves- I keep coming back to creating one flat file of "stuff" on one drive. Named directories is a silly way of binding things into what usually turns out to be the wrong ordering of information. Adobe Bridge lets me attach metadata- keywords beyond the standard created dates, file types and places in the human created information hierarchy. If everything was in a flat file, it would be scannable in one window- visual relationships would be obvious. Virtual teams.Searching on metadata would let me see sets of lion images that were created for podcasting along with those created for iTunes, or the Plone conference, all based on a search for "lion".

This feels like important stuff. I'll post more as I work it through- and get this damned computer to do more of the work it was designed to do. It's time for tough love.

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