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Portrait of Tim.I'd hoped to deal with the MT4 switch this weekend. My plan is to start a new blog: new look, new content with the old stuff still statically sitting on the old URL. Oh well; not gonna happen this week. My room mate was going to play a significant part. You can see his disappointment.

I guess I am a bit behind in project work and could do that instead.


Cole said:

Time to make the switch ... it is ready.

dave said:

Thanks! It worked!
Now I have to.

ADDITION: I have to add that after a good bit of work, this remains pretty cryptic. I like to grab what files I can and work locally; troubleshooting is easier when I can eliminate so many outside possibilities. So far there are numerous files that give me a 404 error even when clicking the URL in Firefox's Images/View Image Information dialog.
Sometimes the CSS applies, sometimes it doesn't. Soetimes it doesn't show up in the "Saved Styles" list, sometimes it's there. Add to that the changes in the MT4 interface and a simple project snowballs into an incredibly deep session of trying to determine where the flow should be and why this has to be so difficult.

Maybe this screams for a post about work processes, flow experience, and in what ways this stuff helps and what ways it just gets in the way. Many folks that I work with are probably having a flow experience even as they launch the software. When I'm hampered from leveraging much of my skill-set/knowledge-base, enjoying the challenge isn't possible.

This had to be the most interesting blog title I'd seen in a while. Nice work on the monkey drawing! Makes me want to start doing art again, but I don't even know where to start anymore.

I was able to make the change to MT4 with not much trouble, except for a few of my posts didn't make it over. I tried moving them manually via personal space, but they didn't carry the new style sheet with them. I didn't think it was worth the effort to try and fix them.

Now, where are my old drawing pencils?

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