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Photoshop interface.This morning I had a Photoshop question in my inbox. I've wanted to use the video capabilities of SnapzPro and Flash as a "help desk" type of solution. It would be quick, easy, and effective while slowly building a library of reusable resources. I used this morning's question as a trial.

A user asked about switching background and foreground colors on a logo. Any Photoshop geek will demonstrate a dozen ways to execute this. I thought this method, using Color Range, would give solid results and provide opportunity for easy adjustment in the future. More importantly, the three minute clip took under a half hour to generate. Most of that time was me re-familiarizing myself with the process; if it was something I did more often, I'm sure less than ten minutes would be added to the actual time needed to perform the steps.

Give it a look if you have a moment.
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