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Tudek Park, winter.Continuing to explore the technique from last week, I sketched this quickly while sitting on a bench overlooking Tudek Park. It was far too cold, getting windy, and people were walking dogs behind me. Don't they know this is my park?

The technique is simple: the ground is dark, and I sketch in white- establishing the wrought iron backbone that runs through the large compositional elements. In past explorations, I sketched in this style directly in color. This required transporting a large box of pastels or paints. This new attempt depends on colorizing the digitized sketch- something I would have once balked at. The final version only exists digitally.

It still needs work, but I thought it might be interesting to document the progress, warts and all. I'm happy with the way it's going.


I did some sketches in college using black paper with white chalk. It's very dramatic. Never tried color, though, let alone using a computer. Very interesting.

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