First map to name America.

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Old map of the world.Several years ago I was at a LionShare demo and had a chance to ask someone from the Penn State libraries their thoughts on JPEG 2000. The short story here is that Pattee uses it. The Library of Congress does too, but more on that momentarily. I've mentioned the format's demise on these pages, but this morning-first time ever- I needed to use it. Or rather Photoshop actually needed the plugin which I no longer have.

I caught a story about a 500 year old map of of the world showing America labeled as America. It's going on permanent display at the Library of Congress. I use their Prints and Photos Online Catalog regularly so I jumped over and did a quick search. Sure enough, the map is on file and available as a download.

I downloaded the file thinking that if it was large enough, a print might be an interesting temporary image for our walls and the file might be interesting to investigate. But when I tried to open the file, I couldn't. I got a warning that said Photoshop couldn't find the plug-in. The Library of Congress adopted the JPEG 2000 standard in January, 2005 and I guess they don't read my blog. I went online and grabbed the plugin again. Later I found information on "How to View" on the LOC site that claimed Preview in OSX will open the JP2 file format. It did, but it also froze and I needed to force quit. Perhaps there's a size limitation, but 26 megs isn't all that large. I was ready for the file to be packed with metadata, but nothing shows up in Bridge, and the File Info option is even grayed out. Go figure.


davidstong said:

I understand why the 26 meg file caused Preview to freeze. When the JP2 document is open, it's 516 megs. Wow. So that's wavelet compression.

Derick Burns said:

I saw that coming off the plotter and wondered what it was. Very cool stuff.

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