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The specs used for signs on campus isn't really a topic of much general interest. I've searched several times and sent notes of inquiry to University Publications and OPP. I never managed to get the information I wanted- the information that I knew had to be available.

Pollock Building signage.This morning I found a reference to "OPP Sign Standards" in a PDF about Classroom and Technology design requirements. I did a search on that exact name and found another PDF with all of the information that I wanted. It's called The Penn State Signage Standards Manual. There are several sections and 130 pages. A nice addition to a collection of resources that includes The Editorial Style Guide and GURU

The University numbers rooms counterclockwise from the main entrance on the first floor. There's a standard for how to handle gaps and non-assignable spaces. Tedious stuff, really- but applicable if you want to do a floor map with cubicle labels. For interior signs, Penn State uses Helvetica Medium, Bold and Bold Condensed. For what must be exterior signage though the section is unlabeled, Penn State uses Univers Condensed and Condensed Bold as well as ITC Fenice-a serif face. Deep Ribbon is a face used with a proprietary sign making system.

Whether you plan on playing the game or breaking the rules, it's always good to know the standard expectations.


Derick Burns said:

This is great info, Dave! I am downloading the manual to keep handy. Thanks for sharing!

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