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The creators of TagTool call it "an open source instrument for live performance drawing and animation." I don't quite get what about it is open source or what part hooks to a computer or what kind of projector is required to throw the image on a wall at the end of the street, but damn it, I want one. And I'd really prefer a finished model instead of a HeathKit version...

Tagtool is an
instrument for
live animation
What the "instrument" appears to be is a device that allows one person to use a wacom pen to create doodles on a screen as they're projected onto the surface of your choice. The effect is that an audience can watch the drawings being created. No big deal there- I grew up watching Jon Gnagy and Gene London. The big deal is that another person can control several sliders that animate different aspects of individual doodles. Alpha, color, position, size- all can be manipulated over time. The result is a drawing with animation that can be created as performance art.

I've dreamed about devices like this. It would take a good bit of practice, but the potential is sky high. Could you project on low hanging cloud cover during a football game? I'd love to open one up underneath Ben Franklin Bridge and show the kids how to non-distructively tag the buildings and piers. A search on YouTube turned up several examples, but one of the better videos is on the TagTool site. Imagine them with good music... or a storyteller... or a math instructor. Nah. Forget that math instructor part.

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