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Shameless plug: I love the TED site. It's packed with fascinating stuff from people that I'd love to have share the world I want to live in. Last year, a speaker named Jehane Noujaime talked about her idea for having a day where a common collection of films is viewed synchronously around the world, with the sharing of media creating a common bond across far reaching audiences. Her twenty minute talk is available on the TED site. On
May 10, 2008, sites around the world will videoconference
to show films

What grew out of Jehane Noujaime's prize winning idea is Pangea Day. On May 10, 2008 sites around the world will videoconference to show films, speakers, and music. The films are political. They show lives of people who live on the other side of borders. Films like Noujaime's Control Room

This has the potential of coming off like a sappy Coke commercial; but like any art, doing something good involves risks; taking the risk may produce something that touches people. Hopefully an intelligent media group right here at Penn State can figure out how to stream this stuff onto the HUB lawn, Shwab Auditorium, or the side of a local garage. Hopefully too, some Penn State media people can create and submit something notable.

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