my twitter account hacked?

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This is very unusual. I opened twitter this morning, and there, near the top, were several posts that I made. They were posted on Friday around 6:30pm- when I was nowhere near a computer or phone that can tweat. They have my icon- running smaller than it should be, but it's been doing the same thing for me. It looks like two of the tweets are from David Stong instead of drs18, too.

Quite a mystery. Someone comes in to post twitters as me from my computer? I don't think it's a new account- I was able to click the trash can from my homepage to delete two of them. Ah well. At least they were clean. I do think I'll cancel the whole twitter thing, though. "Communities" based on such odd needs just don't feel real healthy.


Cole said:

That is not cool at all. I hope it isn't one of the "other" Dave Stong's in the office. In all seriousness, that should be reported to the Twitter people ... the Twits if you will.

dave said:

I used their contact form to provide particulars. I guess they could track the posts, but finding out who and how isn't so important. To me, anyhow.

The sociological aspects are interesting. Could this be viewed as just meaning that the little, personal community has grown?

Ah well. Just like my now unrecognizable old neighborhood.

dave said:

The simple explanation may be that I logged in to a lab PC on August 14, posted to twitter, and the machine kept me logged in. I didn't think that was possible with lab machines refreshing nightly, but it would explain things- a student logged in to the PC, went to twitter, started to post then realized that it was logged in as someone else.


(I also just read that if a Mac is password protected, all someone needs to do is start it from an "Install" disk then choose "Reset Password" from the utilities menu....)

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