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I just had to break open an old problem graphic and generate an update. I call it a problem graphic, and have mentioned the problem before, because I need to get color matched between an embedded jpeg and coded css background, and Photoshop isn't cooperating.

I still make sure my monitors are calibrated, I still make sure my settings are correct. I also make sure I don't rely on embedded ICC profiles, since only Safari reads them. I try assigning a profile and choosing the recommended sRGB Profile, and fail to get a match. This time, even a technique that I've found generally works–telling Photoshop to not colormanage–left me baffled at bad results. So I just did what I could, saved the document, and closed it.

Ah the beauty of Fireworks. I opened the file in Fireworks and exported a JPEG. I loaded my test page and it was a perfect match. That would have ended it, but I wanted to tweak a few things before exporting a final image; the best place for that would be Photoshop, but I was already here...

What's that crap across the bottom of the Layers palette? And what is a "Layer" to Fireworks? Good grief, a new layer came in as a folder. "Sub layers" came in as sub folders. What do they call "where you work" and how do I make one? Ahhhhhh! There are enough similarities to Adobe products to make me willing to try, but so many differences–keyboard commands, icons, palettes–that working in it is like walking on ice.

So I'm stuck. On one hand, I want Adobe to make Fireworks a real Adobe product with commands as familiar as ImageReady's. On the other, I'm afraid Adobe will make Fireworks a real Adobe product and ruin my only method of getting the Web color I want.


Elizabeth Pyatt said:

Ah...I understand my Safari background color problem now.

Thanks for this info.

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