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I was pointed to a book from way back in 2001 that's often sited as seminal in the web design field. Unfortunately it's close to being out of print: Amazon lists used verions of Derek Powazek's Design for Community: The Art of Connecting Real People in Virtual Places as selling for $107. Damn. And that's the paperback. I'm usually willing to spend a few bucks for a decent book, and this does look decent...

Since most of my books end up in boxes in my closet, I've lately taken to using the library before I drop a few bills. Before being exposed to the internet I'd spend mornings lost in the stacks of Pattee and Schlow, jumping from one find to another along a thread very similar to those I follow on the web. I miss it. So this morning I opened The Cat in Safari and found that Penn State has Powazek's book. Not only do we have it, it's right down the street at the Engineering library. How convenient! And they opened just as I got there!

Browsing in a library is wonderful. I should stop in every morning. Luckily, I screwed up the alphabet (what version are we using now?) and ended up browsing a bit farther and longer than I'd planned; but to a good end. I also found what promises to be an excellent volume called Designing with Light, Public Places and another titled Creativity and Innovation: a Structural Engineer's contribution to Design . I'm so psyched.

Maybe there'll be another post about the content; but the bottom line- if they're worthwhile, my work should improve. Hopefully, that should be all the review that's necessary.

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