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Recent disgruntlement over Adobe aside, I'd always pick Adobe in a smack down. What I really want is a large, powerful computer-graphics tool that houses the applications I use for work- and I'd be okay if it ran an Adobe operating system. I've even requested that as a feature. All the social crap that sits on my work machine can go on a tiny hand-held apple device. I'm currently wondering, though, if a real smack-down isn't brewing for us in the near future.

There's a good article touching on some of the corporate enmity between Apple and Adobe over at PCWorld but I really didn't need a synopsis. I can remember my own embarrassment for Adobe when Darth Jobs introduced their speaker at a conference keynote that presented the new OSX. Jobs publicly tried to humiliate the Adobe CEO Bruce Chizen, for not yet having his software ready to run in OSX.

Not much shocks me, but Jobs aggression and juvenile behavior came close.

Now, I just read another article, this one at PhotoshopNews claiming that there may be glitches running CS3 apps with the new Mac OS "Leopard". In the short article, Chizen claims that CS3 hasn't been fully tested with Leopard but Adobe is willing to make necessary adjustments.

He also said that Adobe has not received a final copy of Leopard to test with.


Do keep in mind that this is an Adobe news source...

The last bit of the PCWorld article has an interesting thought. John Loiacano, Adobe Creative Solutions VP, claims that Adobe is looking to the online world for many of its future features. They won't replace current apps, but will augment them. I think it would be fantastic if, instead of Photoshop Lite and Flashette, Adobe could get entry level, slimmed down versions of their software to run as free services in a web environment. Full feature apps would benefit from the publicity, and pros could go to conferences just taking their iPhones- now able to log in to PhotoshopWeb or AfterEffectsNet for last minute adjustments.

...and like YouTube Mixer, which is really Adobe Premiere Express, Photoshop Express is now poised and ready for release. Stay tuned.


dave said:

Damn. If I'd have looked a little more. The keynote to Photoshop World 07 is online with a nice intro to Photoshop Express. But even better is a brief opening video by Scott Kelby- a blatant dig at iPhone.

Come on... it's funny. Where's your sense of humor?

Not so funny is the absence of an Apple logo on the Photoshop World pages.

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