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No... not a Photoshop tutorial. I will get to demonstrating by video some useful and esoteric Photoshop techniques, but this isn't a demo. It's an example.

Photoshop Pro in CS3 can open, manipulate, and re-export video as well as export newly created animations. Video can be edited
and animation produced inside Photoshop Pro.
Opening and tweaking video was an unadvertised feature in the beta release, and it took me a while to see what they kept and what they improved in this final release. I'm not a video guy by any means, and this 10 seconds isn't intended to wow anybody; I'm only saying it's here, and this photoshop video experiment is where I am after a first take.

The clip that I linked to is a streaming Flash version. I seldom have problems with the Flash Streaming server, and after spending much of the morning troubleshooting my attempts to get a hinted Quicktime to play well on the QT Streaming server- I gave up. Hell with it; life's too short. Unfortunately I don't know if the problem is Quicktime, the server, Photoshop, or, ummmm... user error. But I do know that once I find the damned Flash Media server, it works.

There's a lot of potential apparent already, along with a lot of first generation pain in this new Photoshop capability. The time line and some of the functionality, looks like After Effects and Premiere. In fact, the hope is that the three, along with Flash, can become a well integrated symbiotic creation tool. Photoshop automatically tweens (called "interpolation") position, opacity, layer style and text warping. It doesn't tween transformations, though. And some of the editing controls seem pretty cryptic. I hope the new way of accessing these apps via a keyed server takes the interoperability and processing demands into account. I hear After Effects is integrated pretty well with Flash, and I foresee heavy use...

Have I ever said how happy I am that Adobe now has Flash? Already there are benefits. Already ActionScript is becoming more ECMA compliant. Life is so good. Too bad I learn like an old guy.


Cole said:

The video example is very cool. I had no idea PS could do video ... very interesting to me that that tool would include video in its workflow capabilities.

dave said:

I'm thrilled with the possibilities. You should see what Photoshop can do with 3D models, too. I think the software could be seen as overextending its mission, but in reality, Photoshop has always had a place in these creative disciplines. I think Adobe is making the flow easier- though I can't imagine learning it from the ground up at this point. I can see K-6 kids starting with it, though. Instead of that big stack of manilla paper and fat crayons... of course, we'd need refrigerators with Cinema displays built into the doors.

John Spotts said:

I found this utility very useful in converting an old Director piece to an Authorware piece for a PHYSICS COURSE. Since many of the animations were Director friendly through scripting and not available in A-WARE then I was able to capture the animation, make the updates and corrections and export in a Flash format that could be import to Authorware. Worked vey slick and was able to make corrections to the embedded graphics and produce a much higher resolution sequence. I also have done this with short video, bypassing the needed to additional plugins to run a video.

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